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A Couple Of Whimsical Stuffed Cats To Tickle Your Funnybone

Posted by Cat and Caboodle on 10/1/2012 to Cool Cat-Themed Stuff
I found these two stuffed kitties on Etsy and they just tickled me; don't know why. Made of lambswool, the UK seller/artist, Sara Carr, knits these to order. At $48 US for a 16-1/2 inch long cat with hand-embroidered details, I think these are well worth the cost. I have no idea where I would put this, but I think I may order one myself anyway.

Sara also offers other critters (hedgehog, squirrel, fox, dog, snake), but who cares about them? They're not kitties.

Click on the photos to be taken directly to the products' pages.

Margo The Cat from Etsy seller Sara Carr

Jerry The Cat from Etsy seller Sara Carr

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Sara Carr Date 10/3/2012
Thanks so much for featuring my two puss cats, Margo and Jerry. They are very pleased!
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